A Day In The Life of Sean Sullivan

I spent a day on the road with videographer Sean Sullivan as he started his month long journey on the road documenting the American West on a project called Ramblers Bone with photographer Mikael Kennedy. The trip started out as the duo picked up their RV in Los Angeles and drove towards Joshua Tree National Park where they plan on shooting and spending the night... 

Sean went right to work shooting a pair of Wolverine boots with his Leica R3 camera.

He later switched out to his Canon 5D Mark II with the 24-70mm lens setup.

Sean updates the Ramblers Bone page on his Macbook Pro using the wifi at Crossroads Cafe.

Sean had to climb onto these humungous rocks to get his shots.

Sharing moments on his Blackberry Bold with his followers on Twitter (@RamblersBone).

Using his Sekonic meter to check the lighting before shooting a impromptu video shoot.

Sean decided to shoot the music video using his RV parked as the backdrop. 

His Canon 5D Mark II is now used to film the video and has an audio recording device attached.

The lighting was gorgeous that day as they filmed over a dry lakebed.

The video wrapped up when the sun went down.

*Side Note: A HUGE THANKS to Intel for the support of this project which allowed me to document a day in the life of Sean Sullivan to share with you guys. Intel is committed to improving lives with technology and tools that help in creating amazing things for the future. See what they are up to on Twitter by following the conversation at #IntelAlwaysOn.

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