Capsule Show 2010 | Sebago - Classic Penny Moc, STASH, VANE, Brogue, & Fairhaven Shoes

Sebago Classic Penny Moc, Photos: William Yan

Here are some picks from Keith and I at the Sebago booth in Capsule, we decided to choose a variety of styles and leave their classic boat shoe alone. The Sebago Classic Penny Moc (shown above) in this beautiful distressed blue leather wears better with age and is super fresh alternative to the classic colors. 

Here are other styles that are worthy considerations for your taste.

Sebago x STASH Beacon

I was excited to see the new Sebago x STASH collaborations, STASH was hanging out there at the booth, shout out to him. There were a bunch of fresh styles in the collaboration but this one gets the co-sign-co-sign. Check out other Sebago x STASH styles at Freshness Mag.

Sebago x VANE Beacon

You've probably seen this shoe on Eric of VANE before here, it's one of those fresh designs from the Sebago x VANE collaboration that deserves the spotlight. The coolest thing besides the contrasting black materials is that it folds down to become a mid-top, check out their site to see what I'm saying.

Sebago Brogue

These Sebago Brogues are gorgeous from the lovely tanned leather body to the wingtip stitchings, all the way down to the hard bottom sole, the attention to details is phenomenal.

Sebago Fairhaven Boot

This is an underrated boot, that deserves much attention, the Sebago Fairhaven boots is so crispy (ha!) with the brown suede body, off-white Dockside bottoms and red-leather laces (nice).


*Side Note: Thank you Tom and everyone at Sebago for their continued support. If you missed the Sebago Nexus Project launch party, check out the pictures here.