RETAIL | Freemans Sporting Club / FSC on 327 Bleecker St.

Photos: William Yan

I paid a little visit to the newly opened Freemans Sporting Club / FSC store on 327 Bleecker St. yesterday in the West Village. FSC has always got awesome locations and with no signage, you can easily walk right by this little gem on the corner of Christopher St. I love that the Bleecker St. location has a very raw unfinished touch to it as if it was made locally, check out the details of the space and the beautifully crafted shirts, suits, outerwear and accessories, made locally in New York, New York.

FSC / Freemans Sporting Club
327 Bleecker Street
(Christopher St.)
New York, NY 10014


*Side Note: Thanks Jesse of FSC for letting me flick up the store.