The Lomo LC-A+ Experience

The Lomo LC-A+ is one of the best analog cameras ever, I know (been using a regular Lomo LC-A since 2003), since I've been putting it to the test for the past couple of weeks, courtesy of the kind people over at Lomography, thanks!

The Lomo LC-A+ is not your typical camera, the special Minitar 1 32mm/2.8 wide angle lens has made this camera cult status amongst its users, including me. The camera is very small and pocketable, with a nice robust built to it. I've been carrying it in my jacket pocket over the past couple of weeks and taking it out to shoot some very fun snapshots of life through the Minitar lens.

There are many special features I love about the camera, from the ease, selectable apertures and iso settings, front grooves customization of accessories (wider angle lens adapter, ring flash, etc.), and my favorite the multiple exposure switch. I've been using the multiple exposure switch for a lot of my shots, since my old LC-A didn't have that option and it gave me a new perspective in capturing images. The double exposure switch allows me to shoot over the same film multiple times allowing me to create more interesting photos. I highly recommend the Lomo LC-A+ to everyone, it's a gem to own, and a pleasure to shoot with. 

Here are some of my pictures using various film; color negative (400), redscale negative (100), and x-pro slide film (100).


Hope you enjoyed the pics and post, make sure you check out the Lomography's LC-A+ 25th Anniversary's website with more info about the Lomo LC-A, events, competition, galleries, and products. LINK