BOOTH STYLE: Carrie at ENK's Fashion Coterie

So the other day my friend Carrie of A Supreme Agent, invited me to ENK's Fashion Coterie show to check out Bensimon's shoe collection, it's super duper cool by the way, I'll keep you guys posted on that in a few. In the mean time, Carrie as usual is always stylish, although she never claims it, it's effortless I told her.

Grey v-neck tees are classic.

A gold feather-leather earring, how cool is that? Pretty damn cool and lightweight.

She got this ring for 19 cents, yea...I didn't believe it too! P.S. her lovely dad got it dipped in real gold for her too, so now it's priceless.

The skirt..."rug" I called it lol, was made by Carrie herself, she showed me the stitches and I got to say it's pretty neat!

The shoes are dope too, don't you think?

Well her tastemaker's interview is coming soon, stay posted!