Garrett Leight California Optical for Heineken 100 "Kinney" Sunglasses

How do you differentiate yourself from others? Garrett Leight's collaboration with Heineken 100 did just that with their classic Kinney frame outfitted with G-15 flat lens instead of your normal concave lenses. These sunnies aren't for sale too, but if you're lucky to be apart of the #Heineken100 series, they were gifted to 100 influencers. Thanks for a pair Heineken, it is much appreciated.

Nick Wooster for Birchbox Man | Wooster Zipper Case + Sunglass Bag

My friend Nick Wooster teamed up with Birchbox Man to create bags and travel cases (5 styles in total) made out of a bonded navy wool. The bags feature his initials and a signature reflective tape and each serve a purpose of their own. The Wooster Zipper Case (below, with stripe) features his favorite grooming products, while the Sunglass bag can store a few pairs and lens cleaner.

LL Bean Signature Indigo Fisherman Sweater

I slept on this and now sadly small or medium (I prefer a size bigger sometimes for cozy effects) on this fisherman sweater by LL Bean are long gone. If you're a size L, you might be lucky but I'm sure it won't be long until it gets snap up as well. This is not a holiday gift guide, this is a post about a classic piece by a classic brand I wish I had purchased earlier. hashtag sadface.