TRAVEL COMPANIONS | Tumi Alpha Bravo Lejeune Backpack Tote + Tumi Tegra-Lite Continental Carry-On

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I prefer not to check-in luggages or bags at the airport, I've had bad experiences with getting things stolen, plus it's better to pack light and pack the essentials. I've taken the Tumi Lejeune Backpack/Tote and Tegra-Lite Continental Carry-on to Germany and Paris so far, it's been super smooth thanks to the four-wheel drive and light weight but hard shell on the carry-on roller. The backpack/tote can fit a lot too, I've managed to pack a few cameras, iPad mini, a day's change of clothes, dopp kit, cables, batteries, films, and books with room to spare. I will be taking this setup to LA for a week as well too, but throwing in a laptop and portable hard-drive. So far so good.

Thanks Tumi for the setup.

TRAVEL | LEICA Inauguration Leitz-Park in Wetzlar, Germany

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Leica was kind enough to extend an invitation to the inauguration at Leitz-Park in Wetzlar, Germany on 23, May 2014. to celebrate their new beginning and return to where they were originally founded 100 years ago. Leitz-Park houses the Leica Camera AG headquarters, production, gallery, store and cafe as well.

I was there for the official ribbon cutting with Dr. Andreas Kaufmann and the Leica team as they welcomed guests to the official opening of the space, here are some more photos of their store and gallery.


Frank Clegg Travel Duffle

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I had this Frank Clegg travel duffle for quite a bit, it has been with me on long and short trips and has since been my carry-on standard. The all-black shrunken leather duffle is hand-crafted in Massachusetts with the utmost attention to quality materials and craftsmanship at its finest. This is a for life piece and the only duffle you'll ever need.